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Selling your car to Struans is quick and convenient and you don’t even need to be buying a new car from us.

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When buying a car from us we will offer you a great price for your old vehicle no matter its age or condition and it doesn’t even need to be a car – we also accept vans, motorbikes, motorhomes and caravans.

Or for a vehicle you just want to sell we still buy cars, vans, motorhomes and caravans as long as they have not previously been an insurance write off.

  • No need to advertise - you don’t have to go through the time-consuming process of listing your car online. And you won’t have to deal with enquiries, viewings and test drives either
  • Still have HP or PCP finance outstanding on your vehicle? Don't worry we can settle it direct with the finance company
  • Cash or part-exchange - choose to sell your car to us for a cash amount, or use the value of your car as part exchange when purchasing your next vehicle
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Value My Car: How to Determine the True Worth of Your Car

Your car is an essential asset, and knowing its value is crucial when buying, selling or insuring it. However, determining the actual value of a vehicle can be challenging, especially if you lack experience. Various factors affect your car's value, and neglecting them can result in a significant loss of money. This article aims to guide you through the process of determining your car's true value.

Why is it important to value your car?

There are several reasons why valuing your vehicle is essential. First, if you plan to sell your car, knowing its worth can help you set a fair price and negotiate better deals. Additionally, if you're trading your car for another vehicle, you need to understand its value to determine whether the trade-in offer is fair or not.

Another reason why valuing your vehicle is crucial is for insurance purposes. Knowing your car's worth can help you choose the right coverage and ensure that you're adequately compensated in case of theft, accident, or other forms of damage.

Factors that affect your car's value

Several factors determine your car's value, and these include:

  • Mileage - The more mileage your car has, the lower its value.
  • Age - As your car gets older, its value depreciates.
  • Condition - The better the condition of your car, the higher its value.
  • Brand and Model - Some brands and models hold their value better than others.
  • Location - Where you live can affect your car's value due to factors like weather, local market demand and supply, and taxes.

Tips to increase your car's value

If you plan to sell your car, several tips can help you increase its value:

Maintenance and Service History

Regular maintenance and servicing can help keep your car in good condition and increase its value. Keep all receipts and service records to show potential buyers that the car has been well-maintained.

Cleanliness and presentation

Clean your car thoroughly and ensure that it's well-presented. This can include fixing any dents, scratches, or other forms of damage, and ensuring that the car's interior is clean and free of clutter.

Modifications and upgrades

Upgrades and modifications can increase your car's value, but it's essential to ensure that they're tasteful and don't detract from the car's overall value.

How to prepare your car for valuation

Preparing your vehicle for valuation is an essential step towards getting an accurate estimate of its worth. Here are some tips on how to prepare your vehicle for valuation:

1. Clean your vehicle

A clean car not only looks better, but it also gives the impression that the car has been well-maintained. Give your car a thorough clean, both inside and out, and remove any personal items.

2. Check your vehicle's history

Before the valuation, gather all necessary documents, including the logbook, MOT certificates, service history, and receipts for any repairs or upgrades. This information can help the valuer understand the car's condition and history.

3. Repair any visible damage

If your car has any visible damage, such as dents or scratches, consider getting them fixed before the valuation. This can help increase the car's value and prevent the valuer from deducting the repair cost from the estimate.

4. Check the tyre tread

Ensure that your car's tyres have sufficient tread depth and are in good condition. Bald or damaged tyres can lower the value of your car, as they are a safety concern and can be expensive to replace.

5. Top up fluids and check for leaks

Check the car's fluids, such as the oil, coolant, and brake fluid, and top up as necessary. Also, check for any leaks under the car and get them fixed if needed.

6. Check the lights and signals

Ensure that all the lights and signals on your car are in working order, including headlights, brake lights, and turn signals. Faulty lights can be a safety issue and affect the car's value.

7. Check the mileage

Take note of your car's mileage and be honest about it during the valuation. A car with low mileage can increase its value, but an excessively high mileage can reduce its value.

8. Be honest about any issues

Be honest about any issues with your car, including mechanical or electrical problems. Concealing these issues can lead to a lower valuation or cause problems for the new owner later on.

By following these tips, you can prepare your vehicle for valuation and increase the chances of getting an accurate estimate of its value. Remember, a well-maintained car is likely to have a higher value than one that has been neglected.

Valuing your vehicle is essential, whether you're planning to sell, trade or insure it. Understanding your car's value can help you make informed decisions and ensure that you get the best deal possible. By following the tips outlined in this article, you can increase your car's value and get the most out of your investment.

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